My Baby Sister Is Engaged!!

Let me warn you this is an awesome proposal story and will set your expectations for your own very high! Craig and Carlie decided to celebrate their third year anniversary by indulging in a weekend in Paris. They had quite a few tours booked including the famous Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral. They saw many sites, ate tons of crepes and enjoyed the city of love!

Craig had booked a surprise horse and carriage tour around Paris which Carlie adored. I quote 'I felt like Khaleesi Mother of Dragons, everyone was taking pictures and waving..' (Huge Game Of Thrones fans here!) By the end of the tour Craig popped the question and Carlie of course said yes!

I was shooting a wedding when Carlie had called to tell me the news, but I wasted no time in calling her back as soon as I could! I was so happy to hear of the engagement, especially now knowing Carlie's constant engagement nagging would stop. Only joking little sister!

I am so happy for them both, not only is Craig a great guy, but Carlie deserves all the happiness in the world! She is my absolute soulmate and will make such a stunning bride!

With planning already happening, bring on the wedding, I may just sneak my camera in!

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