What You See VS What I See

A lot of people believe that a professional photographer has a big camera, lens, lots of photography lighting and tons of props. As some photographers do, some simply don't. I am one of those who uses natural light to photograph subjects. This means I don't use any camera flash or big lighting, its just purely natural light. I prefer the overall look from natural light, flash just doesn't appeal to me. I have used natural light for 5 years, so I have great experience with the way it works. Sometimes it can be a pain, especially while doing out door sessions and the sun is out in full force, photographers will understand my pain! Although it may be difficult at times with the constant change in light throughout a session, its great!

All of my newborn, baby and maternity sessions all take place in my home studio in Crayford, Kent using natural light. Im quite lucky as I have huge windows which allow for a very light space. While some photographers use props I tend to be quite minimal, this is just my prerogative. There are some fantastic photographers that use props and they look amazing. For me I just choose to keep it simple, just as I would like my own personal images to be, but thats just my personal preference. When you book a photographer you do so on the basis of their portfolio, the work you have seen.

Home studio Photography

Unfortunately some people expect great images to come from a huge space and massive amounts of equipment. I love my little space, its homely and intimate and most of all it allows me to keep the costs for my clients low. If I did work from a studio then my prices would have to increase, (A LOT,) to compensate! Therefore I get to produce beautiful images for you at a lower cost. Even if I did work from a studio your experience would still be the same. I offer to make lots of tea and try to offload my huge pile of biscuits.

Kent newborn photographer
Crayford newborn photographer
Crayford baby photographer
Newborn photographer in Kent
Newborn photographer in Dartford
Kent maternity photographer

All these images have been created using the exact same setup as pictured above. In my opinion it doesn't matter whether the photographer has lighting, a big studio or the biggest camera. The professional aspect is the art that you create. It wouldn't matter whether my sessions took place in my home studio or a posh studio up London, my images would still remain the same. You choose the photographer for their beautiful images that they create, with whatever their choice of equipment or set up. Please don't think that a photographer is not 'professional' because of these aspects, otherwise you may be missing out on some amazing images!

Natural wedding & newborn photographer based in Kent, covering London, Essex, Sussex. Surrey and Herts. Offering a candid, reportage approach with a relaxed, romantic feel to your wedding photography.

If you’re interested in booking a wedding, newborn or maternity package or have any ideas you’d like to discuss I’d love to hear from you! Pop me an email me at contact@charlenewebbphotography.co.uk

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