Life With Twins

I first met Corrine when I photographed her 34 weeks pregnant with twins Rory & Theo. I was so excited to meet the babies which I once photographed inside her 'bump.' I was a little nervous as this was my first time photographing twins, but it was amazing and they were an absolute dream!

We all have this fascination with the idea of someone having twins or multiples. Its always the same questions everyone asks; "Are they identical? Can you tell them apart? Do they act the same?" So what better way to find out what life is actually like with twins, then from a twin Mummy herself, Corrine.

How did you feel when you found out you were expecting twins? It was a complete shock when we found out we were expecting twins, you plan to have a baby but you don't plan for twins. It took a couple of days for it to sink in and yes I had a little cry as I was scared it would be hard, but after that I realised how lucky I was and wouldn't change it for the world. What was the last stage of pregnancy like for you? I was lucky that I had quite a good pregnancy and managed to work up to 4 weeks before giving birth. However I did get too big that I couldn't fit behind my steering wheel so couldn't drive near the end. Clearly being their Mum you can tell them apart, but what makes it obvious to you? I couldn't tell them apart to start with so they had to sleep a certain way round. However, Rory has a slightly rounder face and Rory has more hair (it was like a mohawk when he was smaller). Does anyone in the family every get them confused? A few family members have got them muddled up recently as Theo's face has started filling out more, it's harder to tell in pictures. Do you actually need two of everything? No you don't need two of everything, but most things. Obviously you need a double pushchair, two cots and two car seats etc. We had one moses basket, they shared to start with, they even shared their cot until they started moving around too much. We have one chest of drawers with all their clothes together and have one jumparoo, they take it in turns.

What is your must have to make life easier with twins? As I was unable to breastfeed (although it is do-able with twins), my must have was my Tommee Tippee bottle prep machine, a life saver when you have two crying babies and you can make both bottles to the perfect temperature in just a couple of minutes.

Having twin’s must lead people to ask a lot of questions, which ones do you hear most?

Lots of questions! Haha, but the most common one and most stupid one is "are they twins?" And I get "does twins run in the family?". It's not a question but a couple of things that people always say, and it really winds me up is "cor you've got your work cut out", "rather you than me". Think it's quite rude!

Things not to say to someone expecting twins?People tend to ask if it was natural or ivf, personally I think that's personal. And just don't make the stupid comments about how hard it's going to be. Trust me, we've already thought it, we don't need the negativity. Preparing to leave the house, how long does it actually take? Leaving the house takes forever! If I know I'm out for the day, I try and pack as much as I can the day before. And you cannot pack light! Not ever! It'll be interesting when I go back to work soon! Have you managed to synchronise their routines? Because they have always been fed at the same time, their routine has always been the same. And if one of them woke for a feed in the night, we'd always feed the other too (we'd find it'll only be 5-10mins before the other baby woke anyway).

The best advice someone gave you? Best advice someone gave me was don't be afraid to ask for help. What advice would you give to mums expecting twins? Advice I would give is, don't be afraid to ask for help. It's ok not to be ok. And you only have one pair of hands, sometimes you have to let them cry, you can't always comfort them both at the same time.

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