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Covid 19- Have I gone mad yet?

It's now been three weeks in lockdown and to say I've struggled with not being able to photograph anything is an understatement. My weddings up until July so far have been rescheduled and with the uncertainty of more rescheduling its looking like a very boring Summer.

Photography is not just a job to me, its about being able to express myself creatively. Without it I feel a little lost. So now more than ever I'm having to rely on that creativity to find things to shoot around the home.

My six year old also shares a love of the camera so when I saw her photographing her dolls it gave me a fun idea! She was more than happy to be my second shooter and absolutely loved posing her dolls. Something to keep her entertained while giving me something to edit. We sat down after to discuss what there love story should entail and this is what we came up with-


Now this bride had been waiting in her toy box for 18 years for her prince to come along and save her. The toy box was guarded by the evil mistress who wouldn't let her leave.

The groom did not start life out as a prince, he grew up having a very hard life in which he had to resort to some naughty behaviour.

One night he was routing through the toy box looking for something to steal, when he laid his eyes on a beautiful golden haired princess. He couldn't believe his eyes, it was certainly love at first sight.

They climbed out of the toy box before the evil mistress returned from her outing. The groom returned the princess to her rightful family in which she was stolen so long ago.

And so the pair lived happily ever after in their beautiful white and pink cottage.

Flowers- Webb Garden

Hair & Makeup- Molly Webb

Venue- The Cottage

Star Guest- Moana

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