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Three Key Style Props to Help You Improve Your Lay Flat Photography

Over the past few weeks I've kindly had a few wedding suppliers send me some stationary to keep me busy and give me a chance to play around with my style prop bag I put together. I've always seen beautiful lay flat photography, but never been able to quite get the same outcome. After searching google and scouring one of my favourite sites, Pinterest, I was able to find a few style kit ideas so I thought I would share some tips. Here are a few of the props that are currently in my styling bag which I can't live without.

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Style Board/Mat

I have been to so many venues where they haven't had a spot to photograph wedding details, so I knew I needed a style board to match my style. I base my style on white and pastel colours so having a white background for details was essential. There are a few DIY style boards on google using a canvas and linen material, so I decided to give it a go. I wrapped the material around the canvas and stapled it to the back. After using it a few times I decided it wasn't the board for me. It was too big to lug around and the material I used had tons of creases that wouldn't iron out. So back to Google I went.

I then came across another photographer who used styling mats by Olive and Oak. They're a company based in America with tons of fabrics to choose from. You can choose two colours as the mat is two sided. It rolls up and out without any creases and is stored in a supplied tube. They are a little on the expensive side especially with the import tax on top, but definitely worth it. Just a tip if you are using fresh flowers on a light colour make sure the pollen parts are taken out as they do stain the material. I've found out the hard way.


I started to collect ribbons and fabrics, testing which ones worked for me and which didn't. I found satin fabrics with a frayed edge worked well while looking classy and stylish. I managed to get a few off of eBay and Etsy. You can buy the ribbons on their spools, but to keep the cost down I bought some cheap ribbons on spools from Hobbycraft and replaced them with the new ribbon I had. This kept the ribbons uncreased and easy to store. I love to use a layer of fabric as it adds more depth to the details, so I found some lace and chiffon fabric on eBay. These are my go to fabrics. Most of my style props are white to keep consistent with my theme, but textures are available in so many beautiful colours.

Ring Boxes

Like most photographers I have a board on Pinterest with various different photos to inspire me. I immediately saw that there was one consistent object in the photos; a velvet ring box. I hunted for the perfect box on Etsy and came across a grey oval box for £26 which was perfect as it would fit with any colour scheme. After using this for a while I found I needed other colours for a variation and to match a number wedding colours. I found a fab seller on Amazon which sold a number of different ring boxes for just £6 each! It's safe to say I added one of each shape and colour in to my basket.

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